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I need dental assistant so bad. The upper denture I currently wear will not fix without glue because of bone lose and I can't go without the upper denture. I am in my early 50's and I cry,cry all the time because I can't eat because of this problem the denture was a temporary one that I have had for over 5 years and it is broken on the left side. PLEASE,PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET HELP, I CAN PAY ON AN IN HOUSE PAYMENT PLAN. I HAVE BAD CREDIT. I NEED A CHANCE
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Where can I find a dentist in Southeast Texas that will clean my teeth and prescribe something for gum disease? I have done everything I can on my own! My wisdom teeth are shattered too... thats whats going to cost... the university here in Beaumont will clean your teeth and take x rays and all that for $20 im not worried about that i just need to get my wisdom teeth taken care of and make sure I dont have gum disease.. (i have signs)
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Contact the Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation
I have also gotten reduced care from su clinica familiar. They charge on a sliding scale.
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 in response to duvexy...   where in Texas can you get your teeth fixed for free? i've been looking for over a YEAR. Even the dental school only offers a discount. one extraction still costs over 300.00 - too much for me.
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Actually that is not correct. Texas has which run an sliding scale basis in where they can get help with their teeth etc. Also, there are Universities in Texas where they fix Teeth for free. Now most people prefer to get their teeth fixed in Mexico because it is even cheaper then Texas and less rules too. Too much violence though. But, your Texas smear is not called for.
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 in response to country1762...   Sorry it didn't help you.
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Texas is the worst state in the U.S. for taking care of the people of this state because ive researched free dental and almost all the other states has free medical and free dental for the people of the states and here we are almost the only state that doesnt have free dental we just have free medical.
it almost makes a person want to move to another state just for the free dental.

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and the web site you just gave ive already seen it a dozen times and the places wants money or only serves travis county
so its no help i live in bastrop county.

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 in response to Starshine...   i live in bastrop county and travis county has programs for free dental but i cant get it because i dont live in travis county.
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 in response to country1762...   

Hello Doug and what city do you live in?

Below is a link for free medical clinics and free dental clinics and you cans see if there is one near you. Check this out to see if it helps you.


Wishing you the best


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 in response to austintx...   if she is living in Austin she can get on the map program their in Austin and the map program will cover her teeth.
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my name is Doug, i have a mouth full of bad teeth, ive been to carus dental and they told me i have 7 teeth putting infection into my blood stream and that was about 2 years ago and since then ive searched the net looking for free dental services and have not found one, ive got cardio vascular disease i have a stint in one artery and take heart meds everyday i get social security disability and cant aford dental cost i have medicaid star plus ever care and they only cover easy exstrations and will only pay 25% of problem teeth, i feel as if im just waiting to die from the infection and that their is no one to help me, i have a 2 year old little girl that it brakes my heart to think i could die and leave her fatherless so if some one out their is a dentist and could help me then i will be very greatful and will think you are a god sent, im 48 yrs old and have had bad teeth since i was in my 30,s.
thanks Doug.
my email is :

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My name is Kim I am thirty-one legally single, and have no children. I am also a full time college student. About two weeks ago I was admited to the hospital for an infected tooth. I've tried to get help, but apparently there is none. I need help. When I was in the hospital they told me I was close to having blood poisioning, yeah it could have killed me. 

I have bad teeth, they have been infected mulitipule times. I need at least seven teeth extracted. Please see my profile for more information. Please if you can... help.

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Try this for free dental clinics in your area and see which one can help her with her teeth

I hope you find the help you need.


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so my sister has no job a stay at home mom she just got fired and has about 7 to 8 rotting teeth her husband works and her child is under his insurance but she has no insurance, she is always in pain she has really bad health does anyone know how i can help her to get her teeth fixed? please email me at

she is currently trying to apply for medicade but does not think she is going to get it she lives in austin tx please i am really worried about her thank you 

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 in response to Mrs.Cooks...   

Hi Mrs. Cook

I know it has been a long time since you posted , but I hope you check Aidpages once in a while. I don't answer to private e-mail addresses. 

Please try this link for dental assistance for the handicapped :



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Can anyone tell me how to find a free or low cost emergency dental clinic in the Corpus Christi area?  We have a car, but my husband goes to work everyday at 2pm, so I have to go somewhere that I can get back in time for him to get to work.  I have 7 teeth that have been slowly rotting away, but now one of them is absessed so bad I can barely close my mouth.  I look like I did when I was a teen and had my wisdom teeth removed.  I'm 32 and all 6 of my kids are on Medicaid, but because my husband has a job he and I don't qualify for it.  My husbands job doesn't pay enough for us to afford dental or medical insurance, and the money he does make goes straight to bills.  Any suggestions will be greatly appriciated.  Thank you and God bless.

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can anyone tell me how get free dental help I'm handicap and have no dental insurance

I can be reached at

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