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Single Mama in NET   in reply to Dental Specialist
Is this a one time deal? What if a person has multiple problems that are needing addressed?
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abileneTx   in reply to RANAE
I don't know where people get the idea that when they turn 55, or become disabled, the can get help. I am over 55, disabled, and out in the cold. There is no help. Not for dental.
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ironbutterfly814   in reply to Cierra
They have studies here in Austin where they pay you to remove your wisdom teeth. You just have to go stay o we night and they give you either a placebo an investigational pain med or. Regular one. And take some blood. If the meds they give you don't work like you get a placebo they will give you the real thing. And you just have to take whatever it is once. I did it and got all four removed at once and actually my very back tooth on the bottom was in need of being pulled so he did it for free when i was there. So that saved me a couple hundred bucks. They paid me like $600 about 3 months later you get a check.
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annie46   in reply to kakaka
kakaka Hi you can have your dentist apply for a Pell grant to cover the cost of your dental work Blessings annie46
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Anyone know where I can get lowcost dental work in Spring/houston area, my kids have fillings that are needed. We have insurance, but it is one with discounted rates and we still cant afford it.
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coolmom4n   in reply to RANAE
Let me know what you come up with Ranae. what city are you in? I am in Plano tx
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coolmom4n   in reply to My teeth are falling apart
I live in Plano, Tx I can relate with you on dental work. I def need to go but its soo costly.
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coolmom4n   in reply to austintx
Yes I can relate to that one. I need dental work done too myself. Its been years. I live in plano, tx
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music of airs
I don't know if this will help or not, but you can get a Dental HMO through MetLife. I have one and it costs me $12.29 per month (single, not family). You have to go to one of their dentists, but there are some good one here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.
You do have a co-pay when you have major work done (exams, x-rays, cleanings, etc. are all paid for!!), and that is why I'm here. I need MAJOR work (I was hit and it broke many of my teeth, already compromised by long term treatment for chronic pain) and I need to find some assistance with my co-pays. I can make monthly payments, but my credit is poor.
Any suggestions?
I hope this info about the Dental HMO helps.! (I think Aetna has one, too, but when I checked the MetLife one was a bit better.)
Best to all!!
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miriamreedntx   in reply to Dental Specialist
I need major dental services (oral surgeon type of stuff) and do do not have the resources to pay for it all at one time. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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favR4favluck   in reply to Dental Specialist
May I please get more info on how to get dental help my daughter has medicaid ,she needs orthodontic work also. I need severe dental I has a tooth g that chipped back upper left its messed my side my tongue keep biting it I have tmj I keep headaches
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Dental Specialist
Hello everyone. I work for Kool Smiles in Tyler, Texas and through our emergency patient guidelines, we must take care of a patient in pain, even if they cannot afford treatment. If there is a Kool Smiles near you, I recommend you go there.
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I am a 60 yo man with no job much less dental ins... my problem is I need a tooth extraction badly and I can't understand why there are no free clinics that deal with dental issues? Any advice?
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I need dental assistant so bad. The upper denture I currently wear will not fix without glue because of bone lose and I can't go without the upper denture. I am in my early 50's and I cry,cry all the time because I can't eat because of this problem the denture was a temporary one that I have had for over 5 years and it is broken on the left side. PLEASE,PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET HELP, I CAN PAY ON AN IN HOUSE PAYMENT PLAN. I HAVE BAD CREDIT. I NEED A CHANCE
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Where can I find a dentist in Southeast Texas that will clean my teeth and prescribe something for gum disease? I have done everything I can on my own! My wisdom teeth are shattered too... thats whats going to cost... the university here in Beaumont will clean your teeth and take x rays and all that for $20 im not worried about that i just need to get my wisdom teeth taken care of and make sure I dont have gum disease.. (i have signs)
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 in response to duvexy...
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 in response to ratava...
Contact the Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation
I have also gotten reduced care from su clinica familiar. They charge on a sliding scale.
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 in response to ...   What programs?!
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 in response to duvexy...   where in Texas can you get your teeth fixed for free? i've been looking for over a YEAR. Even the dental school only offers a discount. one extraction still costs over 300.00 - too much for me.
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Actually that is not correct. Texas has which run an sliding scale basis in where they can get help with their teeth etc. Also, there are Universities in Texas where they fix Teeth for free. Now most people prefer to get their teeth fixed in Mexico because it is even cheaper then Texas and less rules too. Too much violence though. But, your Texas smear is not called for.
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